Teaser: Story of the Blanks HD

 Most would agree that Donitz's classic Story of the Blanks is the best creepypasta fangame that this fandom has produced thus far, although a few prefer the Luna Game series for its side effects (changing the desktop background, playing creepy sounds, etc). The game's minimalist, authentic NES graphics left a lot to the player's imagination, and unlike most typical creepypastas it managed to be creepy without having to rely on jumpscares or gory imagery. However, some of us have secretly dreamed of a remake of this classic game, and a fairly unknown group of fans known as Long Tale Animation have decided to take it upon themselves to convert Story of the Blanks from a top-down retraux experience into a high-definition, sidescrolling adventure game.

 The teaser video itself doesn't show much gameplay, so there is a lot of room for speculation as to how the final product will turn out. Hopefully the remake doesn't stray too far from the original's roots: it should also be interesting to see how Donitz reacts to this game.
- Tuxxy

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