Updated: MFA II Pre-Preview

The black dragon, post-bossfight.

 It seems that Mark, after stealthily releasing his last pre-preview on MLPchan back in September, took the feedback he received and whipped up another one for his followers to enjoy. It features an expanded world, more visually impressive bossfights (yay!), and the miraculous ability to summon money from thin air. Good thing the latter won't be present in the final game though; imagine what could happen if you could "bribe" particular bosses to leave you alone. You'd probably end up with some kind of weird joke ending where all the big bads go on an expensive holiday in their private yacht, only to have their fortunes taken away by the Equestrian Revenue Service.

 Kind of a shame that Mark probably probably won't be able to release the game in time for Halloween, but ah well. At least the final game should be well worth the wait, if these previews and his previous projects are anything to go by.

 Sorry to the anon whose screencap I "borrowed" for the post header, but Linux Mint's screenshot utility isn't working and installing other ones doesn't help. Also, booting into Windows 8.1 won't do anything to help in the long run because it breaks my boot setup, and arrrgh-

Screw this, I almost feel like switching to Slackware now, or at least some distro that has a stable screencap utility.
- Tuxxy

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