Megamare X

Megamare X statue
Megamare X

 For those of us who either went to BronyCon or were following @NebularFusion on Twitter this is already old news, but the nature of Starlight Studios' Project Cygnus was revealed via playable demo at the convention to be a sidescrolling action game named Megamare X (cashing in on the name that MegaPony should have taken long ago). I haven't come across any clear pictures of the gameplay itself, but the overall reaction from those that have played the demo seems to be positive. And don't worry; according to the official post on the subject the game will available for download on their website, and will have builds for Mac OS X and Linux thanks to it using a souped up version of the MLP:Online engine.

The original post on the subject can be found here. Also, I'm having some trouble finding recordings of the various fangame panels (along with Stable Softworks' infamous "fnagame"), or details on A Foal's Errand. If any of you happen to have anything, post it in the comments and I'll throw it up on the site.
- Tuxxy

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