Ponified Tabletopping: Ponies for Pathfinder/D2 Gaming System


If you've never ventured farther into the gaming fandom than ponified video games, what better time than today to check out the tabletop side of things? While Roleplaying is Magic still takes the cake for length and comprehensiveness, we've got two other pen and paper RPG adaptations today. Find them below the break!

Reminder: The Ponies for Pathfinder Kickstarter ends Saturday 8/24 at 9:24 PM UTC!

Unlike the original Ponies for Pathfinder book, which introduced ponies into a traditional fantasy world, the Ponies for Pathfinder book promises the resources to create a pony-only world, with multiple sub-races and three stages of pony civilization fleshed out.

While the book is built for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, it will also include a full stat block for inserting ponies into D&D 4e. With the kickstarter already well past its funding goal, it looks like the project will become a reality soon!

Check out a sample page here!

Even experienced tabletoppers may not have heard of the D2 Gaming System. Rather than focusing on dice-rolling and combat mechanics, D2 is designed  for character and storyline-intensive gaming, and thus lends itself easily to the world of Equestria. This module includes character modifications for several four-legged races and introduces the mechanic of moral (as opposed to physical) combat.
- Arctic Lux

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