BronyCon 2013: Friday

Outside the Stable Softworks Panel
BronyCon Stream

 BronyCon is off to a raring start, and thankfully there are quite a few fangame-related panels on today's schedule. First off, at 11:30 AM EDT in the Hall of Dusk there is the panel for Guild of Unicorns: A Game Project, which should be fairly interesting as it is for a fairly unknown fangame. I myself have never heard of before, but apparently the creator been interviewed on Derpy Hooves News a while back so his game is probably decent enough. Then at 4:30 PM one can see the Ponycraft: Tainted Skies panel (again in the Hall of Dusk), and at 6:00 PM one can play a build of the game in the Baltimare Arcade. Also at 6:00 PM one can find the Outside the Stable Softworks panel in the Hall of Dawn, where you can learn how to make your very own fnagame (whatever that is). Also, make sure to check out the Starlight Studios booth in the games room to check out their Project Cygnus demo.

 For those of us who are unable to attend BronyCon, there's always the official livestream. Hopefully I'll be able to attend the con someday...

There's also a Ponychan panel at 4:30 PM in the Hall of Dawn, but nobody gives a hoot about Ponychan these days because it sucks.
- Tuxxy

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