Story of the Blanks

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Story of the Blanks is an 8-bit styled creepy game. This was the winner of the Creepypasta Game Contest, and well known for it's creepy and slightly disturbing storyline. The game itself features music by CRTified TechnicianZero V2, and DarkNES.

The game starts out with you playing as Applebloom, and she's trying to find her Cutie Mark. She ends up following Twilight into the Everfree Forest, and after they get split up strange things start happening.

The game itself is Extremely well made, the graphics keep true to the 8-bit theme, and the controls run very smoothly. While playing, I couldn't find any bugs or problems with collisions, or anything else. The game was designed to feel 8-bit, and it did it's job very well.

Whooooo are you? Who, who? Who, who? (I really wanna know)

The puzzles in the game are relatively challenging, but the game focuses a lot more on the story than extensive gameplay, causing the game to be unfortunately short. The up side to this is a rich storyline, full of creepy surprises while keeping true with the pony's personalities.

While playing the game, I found myself very wrapped up in it all, and I really, REALLY enjoyed playing it. Honestly, I might even say this is the best Pony Game I've played so far, even better than my favorite Luna Game series. The game has become so popular, it already has a lot of fanart.
8/10 (image soon)
- Strawberry Spice

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