Otakon-Mega Post

Otakon Mega-Post

Okay, so I organized and hosted the Brony meetup at this year's Otakon.
And things couldn't have gone better!


I wanted to give a few shout outs and thanks yous before I go over the details.

First off, I wanted to thank the one brony who made the entire Saturday Raffle 20% cooler.
This man donated at LEAST $100 worth of pony merchandise for the raffle, including the last $60 Pinkie Pie hat. Without him, the Raffle wouldn't have been NEARLY as amazing.

Thanks to the guy who donated the Applejack spoons for the smaller Friday Raffle! (Shoot me an email so I know who to put you down as)

Thank you to Plaster of derpyhooves.com, Aoshi Stark (who was dressed as Big Mac), and Shadow Blast  (the guy with the Brony Shirt) for keeping everyone in order, telling EVERYPONY about the Saturday meet, and shouting with me! I lost my voice at the end of Saturday, so I don't know what I would have done without you guys!

Thanks to the guy dressed as Scootaloo for organizing the Singing after the meetup!

Thank you to the one Otakon Employee who was redirecting noticeable bronies to the meetup!

Thank you to the http://geeksnextcomic.com/ stand for giving us a discount on the shirts for the raffle! (Go check out their site!)

And lastly, but certainly not least, Thank you to the Gentleman dressed in the Gentleman Creeper outfit! He donated $30 to use for the brony community! I will not let him down, and it will go to a good cause!

And I think that's all of the big thank yous I have to put out there! Just shoot me an email at strawberryspice@ymail.com if I missed you, or listed you wrong, or anything!
Now, onto business:


The Friday meetup went really well, I think somewhere around 40-60 people showed up to this one. Everypony who showed got one sticker (That I cut out by hand), and after all the stickers were given out, everypony entered their name in the raffle, and we gave out three different prizes. The first prize was the remaining stickers (like 10-15), the second and third prizes were two Applejack Spoons.

Afterwards, we took a big group photo, and shouted 'Otakon Bronies Rock!'

After that, we had a bunch of photohshoot things, and then we sung Winter Wrap Up!
Here is a bunch of videos taken from Friday:


The Saturday meetup went way better than anyone thought it would. We already had more people there than Friday's a half hour before it was even supposed to start! I think the total head count was somewhere over 150 by the end. As soon as we could, we started the Raffle, everypony put their names on a piece of paper and we started handing out prizes. Thanks to a VERY generous Brony, we had over 50 different prizes (He donated like 25 badges, the hat, and a bunch of pouches.). I used my personal Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie figures as prizes, as well as custom stickers, pins, an image donated by the Big Mac, and FOUR Shirts! Also, I drew a picture of Rainbow Dash, signed it, and gave it away as well. It was INSANE, and we had OVER $200 WORTH OF PONY STUFF GIVEN AWAY.
After the raffle, my voice was shot, so we went straight to photos (Post your photos here). Once again we all shouted 'Otakon Bronies Rock!'

After this, we had a HUGE Photoshoot, with ALL the awesome pony cosplayers there, and then the remainder of us headed down to the water fountain where Scootaloo led us all in a giant song-filled time. it kind of just dispersed after that, but the entire meetup lasted an hour and a half, almost two hours total!

Here is a bunch of videos taken from Saturday:


Day three was MUCH less crowded, we didn't have a raffle or anything, and most ponies were busy with last minute things, other meetups, or had to leave already, but we still had a small meetup! We chilled for like, 30 mins, and drew a bunch of ponies, talked about the show, sung some songs, and had a fun time!
Once again we all shouted 'Otakon Bronies Rock!'

We all chilled, and I had a discussion with Plaster about organizing a pony panel for next year's Otakon.
I'm going to do it. I WILL be making one, so don't worry!
You will hear more about that in the near future, I need to plan, organize, etc. It's a lot of work :P

Anyway, thanks to everypony who showed up! It was absolutely amazing!

Once again, post all your photos and videos here:
Or shoot me an email at strawberryspice@ymail.com

PS: If the person who wanted to interview me reads this, I'm sorry for not calling you back. I lost your card, and couldn't find you the next day. I'll be more than happy to do one over the web though! Just shoot me an email.
- Strawberry Spice

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