Luna Game 4 (Creepypasta)

Luna Game 4 (Creepypasta)

Alright, after a long wait, the fourth addition to the Luna Game series has been released! If you haven't already played Luna GameLuna Game 2, and Luna Game 3, I suggest you go do that now.

Though thanks to a user who emailed me, a program was created that allowed you to replay the game.
You can download that program here

Yes, I'm being completely serious, I couldn't even grab a screenshot on my own because I didn't realize this until AFTER I had played through it (Stole this one from Ponychan). This game is by far the best of the four, so I suggest you play it. I'll throw the link before the break this time, making it easier to play it without spoilers.



Once again, you start out as Princess Luna, standing on a lice grassy cliff with a blue sky, and some kind of cheerful music playing. Though there is only one place you're able to go; off the cliff. After you jump down, you hit the ground at a high speed, and hear a splat as the screen turns black. The text "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" appears on the screen, and after a few moments, the game closes.

Trying to re-open the game is pointless, it won't do anything. After a few seconds, the game re-opens on it's own (It probably just turned into a background task for a few moments) with the words "It didn't have to turn out like this", after a few moments, "You didn't have to die". After this text appears, a few seconds pass by and blood splatters appear on the screen, with the text "BUT NOW YOU'RE IN MY WORLD" shaking madly while a roar plays.

When the roar stops, you see Princess Luna shoot from the sky, and hit the ground. The world is all red, almost appearing as if you're in Pony Hell. At this point, you have to quickly go right, if you're too slow, the darkness from the left will catch up to you, and likely kill you. Though if you DO manage to get past all the crazy terrain, and jump off the cliff (Pretty sure you can't make that jump), you get sent to the next part.

This part is the craziest, it starts with zalgofied text, that seems to be glitching out, and when that goes away, some sort of messed up 8-bit music plays in the background, while bugged up looking block start appearing on the screen. The blocks will randomly change appearance, even if you don't do anything. All the way to the right is a large wall that you cannot get over, the only choice is to head for higher ground. The higher you get, the darker the screen gets, making it very hard to navigate above the blocks to get on top of where you started. When you go back all the way left on the top layer, and jump over the pillar, a creepy pinkie pie is standing there, but disappears very quickly. Continue going right, and the music suddenly gets faster and the blocks start to fade away. Avoiding the terrain is difficult here, but if you reach the end, you run right into the same creepy pinkie pie, and the screen goes black.

You hear a heartbeat fade in, and see a picture of Pinkie Pie from Party of one, as the heartbeat gets louder, the image gets lighter, until it suddenly switches to a disturbing version of the picture with static. The picture goes back and starts fading out again, and you hear Pinkie Pie laughing in the background. The image and heartbeat fade and the game ends. For good this time.

If you try to reopen the game, it simply says "Your fate is already sealed" and doesn't let you open it.
This is a one time play through, so be careful!

- Strawberry Spice

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