On April 3, 2011, A game was posted on Equestria Daily labeled Luna Game. It seemed harmless enough, so a few people downloaded it, only to quickly realize it was not what it seemed.

The game starts out as you playing Luna on a simplistic platform level, you are able to jump and move around using the arrow keys. But after about thirty or so seconds of playing, the screen cuts out into one of two creepy images; Pinkie Pie Zalgofied or just plain creepy Applebloom. At this point, a creepy song begins to play, and you realize the game doesn't close with the esc key (And the alt+f4 did not work for many people either). The mouse was stuck at the bottom right of the screen too, and the game would always stay on top of every other window. The only way to close the game at this point, was to open Task Manager via Ctrl+alt+del, navigate to the program using the arrow keys, and press delete. The game would automatically close after a while on it's own.

Here are two videos of the game:
The End is Neigh
The end is neigh.avi

When the user looks at the location he saved the game after it's closed, they find a bunch of pictures and text files labeled 'The End is Neigh', the text file's text also reads 'The End is Neigh'

At first the program was thought to be some kind of virus, but after a while (And a few dozen virus scans), it was confirmed to be a rather mean prank. The game itself would not modify or delete any files on the user's computer, simply save screenshots and text documents. Though when the user downloaded the program to their desktop, deleting all the pictures and text documents generated would prove to be quiet annoying.

The Download Link for this game is here. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

The platform game itself was interesting, but the creepypasta was an unexpected surprise, and because of it, there was very little actual game. 3/10
- Strawberry Spice

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