Pony Platform Game Engine Test

Pony Platform Game Engine Test is a platformer where you can play as a pony created by Infinity Dash. The game features the My Little Pony theme and Art of the Dress Eurobeat Remix. It's currently only at version 1.1, with plans for more features later on

The game starts out unpromising, an almost white title screen, dull text, with a pretty boring and incomplete feeling to it. Though there was one thing that stood out, after starting the game, it would allow you to choose the pony's eye, mane, and body colors. This is a feature not implemented in many My Little Pony games as of now, and the range of colors was VERY large (Basically any color you could ever want). Version 2.0 will contain different Mane and Tail styles, along with the ability to play as the mane cast.

You start off as your custom colored pony in a very Sonic-like environment as spike slowly makes his way over to you. Her explains to you that he wants you to find 10 gems that are scattered through the map so he can eat them.

(Original Character Do Not Steal)
After you press Space, Spike begins wandering aimlessly around his gems instead of helping you, leaving you to gather them all on your own. The map is fairly large, and your wings allow you to go everywhere with no current limitations. There are 10 randomly colored Gems scattered around the map in different hiding locations, forcing you to actually look for them. Once you gather up all the gems, you return to Spike and the game is over. 

The game is overall tons of fun, and one of the few with an actual goal, but even with its positives (Such as the amazing ability to choose your colors), comes its negatives. Some of the more annoying things I found in the game were involving the movement. When running or flying, I felt you decelerated way too slow when trying to turn around, and accelerated extremely too fast after a few moments of moving, this made making exact movements very difficult.


A smaller annoyance was the collision with platforms in mid-air, your pony would start flipping out and try to walk inside the platform, but other than that, the game was very well put together for such an early stage, even the map was put together well, and I can honestly say I enjoyed playing it. This game gets:
- Strawberry Spice

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