Luna Game 3  (CREEPYPASTA)

Once again, another mysterious email popped into my inbox. It was by the same address of the Luna Game 2. I'm sure all of you know by now of Luna Game and Luna Game 2. Surprisingly enough, this was not an entry for my Creepy Game Contest, just an anonymous posting of a game. Once again, I scanned the hell outta this thing with every virus scanner I had, and after playing it, it doesn't alter or create any files. The music featured in this game is Super Ponybeat - At The Gala.


You start out on a very simplistic platform world, most likely infinite, as Luna. It once again tells you that you can hold Shift to run, and you find as you run in either direction, the screen gets darker. After a while of running, the music begins to slow down, slowly at first, then quicker, until finally you hear static and the trees get really dark and bloody. After the trees transition, some slow disturbing music begins to play, and every once and a while if you listen closely, you can hear ponies chattering in the background.

After this part, you can continue running, but will eventually run into a giant hole. If you jump over the hole, it plays a really distorted version of Fluttershy yelling "COME OUT". This only happens once, and all you can do is fall down the hole. If you fall down, it plays a screech and very distorted "LOVE ME" from Fluttershy again, flashing one of several randomly chosen Pony Zalgo images. When the screen gets back to normal, Luna is lying on the floor, her legs all chopped off with blood everywhere. After waiting for about 5 seconds, she opens her eyes, and then the screen flashes with a Zalgo Luna and screeches again. The game closes after this.

HERE is a youtube playthrough of the game.

You can download the game RIGHT HERE. It is a scary game, so be warned.

All in all, the controls and platform system didn't change at all from the second game, but the scares in this one were a little more thought out. Even so, it only gets
- Strawberry Spice

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