Equestria Gaming recruitment

This blog is getting kinda big, fairly quickly. And I'm sure I can handle it alone for a while, but planning way ahead is what I try to do, makes things easier in the future!

Anyway, I'm looking for someone else to help with reviews, and news posts with Pony Games!
If you want to submit a review, just to see how you'll do, here are three you can do: (Yes, I will be doing them myself later)

Game Review - http://www.equestriagaming.net/2011/06/pony-touhou.html
Game Review/News Post - http://forum.steam-united.com/viewtopic.php?f=173&t=313
News Post - http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/06/equestria-online-announced.html

Shoot me an email at strawberryspice@ymail.com if you're interested!
ALSO: You can stop by the IRC CHAT to chat with me about something if email is too slow for your liking :D

Ah, and if you want to try to rate the games, here is the new system I'll be using shortly to rate the games:

1 - Poorly put together, bad graphics, bad music (if any), no story line, or nonsensical, compltely inacurate and poorly made characters
2 - Graphics that aren't made too well, music that doesn't fit, poorly made story line, if any, badly developed characters
3 - Mediocre graphics, music that was just placed in there, poorly made story line, not well developed characters
4 - Less than average graphics, decent music, some story line, some character personality
5 - Average Graphics, Fitting music, a shorter story that makes sense, some character personality/development
6 - Average-Good Graphics, Fitting music, A slightly more detailed story line, More character personality (Like talking and such)
7 - Good Graphics, Music that fits well, a decent story line, developed characters
8 - Very Good Graphics, great fitting music, a good story line, and developed characters.
9 - Great graphics, fitting/original music, a developed and great story line, developed/accurate characters
10 - Professional Styled game, could likely be sold. Amazing original Graphics, professional original music, well developed and amazing story line, and accurate/well developed characters

- Strawberry Spice

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