Recently, I received an email by somepony asking for me to try out their game, and included was a nameless (and quite suspicious) .exe file. I launched the game (After virus scanning it over and over and over) and it reminded me almost immediately of the Luna Game. And that's exactly what it was. It is unknown if this game was created by the same person who created the first Luna Game. The music featured is Super Ponybeat - Giggle at the Ghostie.


This game starts out as you playing as Luna on a very simple platform level. It tells you immediately you can hold Shift and run. After you get going, you start to notice cracks forming in the ground. The cracks get bigger and bigger until they completely cover all of the ground. Suddenly, the screen flashes to a disturbing image of Pinkie Pie and plays white static for about a second, then flashes back to the game. Now, the background and the blocks are all tinted dark red, and you move very slowly. There is some disturbing music playing in the background.

At this point, the only thing to do is go forward until you reach a giant hole in the ground. After falling, the background fades to black, and you eventually fade after it, revealing a Game Over screen of Luna falling. The image used at this point is Luna's Descent. More creepy music begins playing, and after a minute the game closes. During this whole time, you are unable to close the game normally, and after the first flash you are unable to move your mouse, just like in the first Luna Game.

HERE is a youtube playthrough of the game.

The major difference between this and the first Luna Game, is that it does not create any extra files, an annoyance the first one was more famous for. This game is best played in dark room with headphones for the full effect.

You can download the game HERE IT WILL SHOCK YOU, so be careful.

The platforming had a few glitches, such as getting stuck, but was done fairly well. The scare was also done fairly well, but because this is not a full game, it only gets
- Strawberry Spice

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