10,000 Unique Views!



But seriously, thanks everyone for all these views! This means that somewhere around Ten Thousand different ponies around the world have visited this site so far. Now the actual view count at this very moment is 23,492. Shortly I will be switching the counter on the left to total view count instead of unique.

Anyway, this site is still a small foal compared to Derpy Hooves and Equestria Daily, but I'm getting somewhere at least!

I know most of you don't care to hear me ranting on about this or that, and just wanna play some ponies, so I'll keep it short.

Now, this is a fairly small site, but it's incredibly unorganized and messy, hell, I'm using the default setup for blogger. But fear not! I will, one day, clean it all up!

A lot of really cool non Game related stuff has been going on in the pony world, and I'm even going to be holding a sticker drawing in the next few days (I'm posting it here when it's done even though it's not Game related, DEAL WITH IT).

A lot of really cool pony games have been popping up, some of them really big projects, and I encourage you all to start your own project, or join an existing one! We can never get enough pony!

And before I continue going on and on about completely random things in this pointless post, I'm going to end it.

So once again, thank you all for being awesome and taking the time to check out my small blog! Love you all <3

EDIT: Before I forget, I want to tell you all that for future major viewcount event things like this, I want to do a little something special for the banner. If anypony out there knows how to program flash, or java, or whatever works with blogspot (I have no idea ;_;). You can shoot me an email, and we (you) can put a little fun thing together :D
- Strawberry Spice

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