My Little Pony Dress Up

My Little Pony Dress Up (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (animal maker)) is a simple dress up game, created by OLa over on Doll Divine.

The game itself has no goal or objective, pressing the ten different buttons lined up on both sides of the screen will result in the pony in the center changing. There are ten of each outfit and pony part, including colors and eye types, though the accessories get a little confusing.

The game was made pretty well, using different parts from the mane cast, and a few other ponies, you're able to make a pretty wide selection of ponies. The main problem I had with it was the lack of a back button, and when I mistook the reset button as an undo button. Now, for the small things, like the mane or eye type, it's only a small irritation when you accidentally click one too many times. But when you're trying to get the accessories, horn, or wings just right, it takes forever to go back one option.
(For those of you wondering how to get wings, just press the Horn/Wings button a bunch of times, you'll eventually get there)

Other than that, the game was done relatively well, and I can honestly say I had some fun dressing up Scootaloo (No I'm not crazy).

What? She's in school. Of course she would wear this!

The game itself is difficult to put a rating on, since there was no goal. So instead I'll just leave this here: OHGODWHATHAVEIDONE.
- Strawberry Spice

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