Luna Game Website

(I really need to find some Luna Game Images :P)

That's right.
You heard correctly.
The Luna Game now has it's own website.

So, I received an email from the creator telling me he wanted a website, and along with it came an ever so kind donation of $10.
He told me the domain he wanted, and what the website should say.
Considering how much the Luna Game has helped my website (It's what caused me to create it in the first place, believe it or not), I accepted.

So there I was, with a domain and next to no knowledge on HTML coding.
I FINALLY managed to finish it, and it seems people are pleased with it.

So the website will be used by the creator to post updates on News and be a central hub for the game links. Though he asked that I edit it for him and keep the domain (He sure is jumping through hoops to remain anonymous :P), so it will only be updated when I'm on.

Anyway, here's the link again.
- Strawberry Spice

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