Nightfall Gameplay Footage


 A couple days ago the folks over at Silly Mare Games (creators of Stroll and Harmony PCG) started working on another fangame they call "Nightfall", and from the released gameplay footage it appears to be some kind of sidescrolling strategy game. As this game is still in early development the final product is probably going to be quite different from the preview here, which is probably a good thing because in my opinion it looked a tad dull. The stock sprites probably have something to do with it, and the background looked a bit too bright for a game of this sort. After all, shouldn't a game called "Nightfall" look sort of dark? Not dark as in "the forces of darkness", mind you (although the team certainly could go in that direction), but more "it was a dark and stormy night".

 Also, Zeeraw still hasn't released the Cloudsdale developer portal. Get to it, man! It's really going to come in handy with this redesign of the Arcade...
- Tuxxy

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