Lyra's List #13

It's Lyra's List time once again. For those not in the know, Lyra's List is a great place for anyone who's interested getting involved with the pony fangame scene. Check out this page for details on how to submit. The deadline for Lyra's List #14 is May 31, 2013. You can find the submissions for this month after the break...


Sun and Moon Online Devteam
Sun and Moon Online
Board Game/Strategy
Long Term

Pegazoid Engine/MLP Mod
Game Engine/Mod
Long Term

Discord's Revenge
Action Platform
Long Term

Pinkie Shy
My Little Abyss
Linear Creepypasta
Medium Term

Alicorn Rarity
Super Smash Bros. Ponies
Long Term

That wraps up Lyra's List #13. If you have an idea for a cool MLP game, write up a quick GDD and send it over! If you have any questions, corrections, comments, or suggestions for Lyra's List, you can drop them in the comments.
- Enigma Sage

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