Review: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

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The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 is a game back from last summer that's somehow never gotten its own review until now. This game, made in the Unity engine by Texel, features art and design by egophiliac and music by Whitetail. It's a fast-paced game, and I'd definitely recommend giving it a play. Note: you'll have to have Unity Web Player installed before it'll work. Read more after the break...

The gist of the game is this - as the Apple family, make as much cider as possible in the time limit to beat the conniving, but ever industrious Flim Flam brothers. To make cider, you must press arrow keys in the correct order as fast as you can. Stringing combos together is the most important thing here - if you avoid making mistakes, you'll be churning out cider barrels like nobody's business.

The game features Easy, Medium, Hard, and Zen modes. From my experience playing, these ratings are pretty accurate - Easy mode is very easy, Medium is a bit of a challenge, but still very manageable, and Hard is really quite difficult. It's easy to get a good combo-rhythm going, but, especially in Hard mode (which is 3 minutes long), your hands get fatigued and you can easily get thrown off. To unlock Hard mode, you have to beat Medium, and there is variance between each difficulty gameplay-wise, so it's worthwhile to play each of them.

I can't believe Spitfire didn't help them out...wait - wrong episode.
For such a simple concept, this game's professionalism is very impressive. All the little design details add up to make a really enjoyable game. From the music detuning whenever you make a mistake, to the arrow combos actually representing the motions involved in each picture, this game is full of intricacy. 

The work of egophiliac (the amazing artist behind Moonstuck and Slice of Life), and Whitetail (one of the music composers for Mane6), really make this game shine, in my opinion. Add to that some great gameplay from Texel, and you've got yourself a really fun game, which is why I give it...

- Enigma Sage

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