BREAKING NEWS: Fighting is Magic Receives Cease & Desist from Hasbro

 For the longest time Fighting is Magic has been the flagship Brony fangame, and has received much attention from the media. Unfortunately this fame has come at a cost, and Mane 6 has recently been on the receiving end of a cease and desist notification from Hasbro. From the announcement it seems that negotiations with Hasbro have been unsuccessful, so we can effectively flush all hopes of playing Fighting is Magic down the toilet.

 Quite frankly, I am quite upset with the whole situation. Recently Hasbro seems to have been cracking down on fan works, and their original tolerance of it that was so highly praised has been abandoned. Thankfully we still have Super Smash Ponies, but I doubt that it will ever rise to the heights that Fighting is Magic had achieved.
- Tuxxy

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