Adventure In Ponyville 0.1

It's been a tumultuous week for the fandom, huh? Not to worry - I'm sure you guys can create games faster than Hasbro can type up C&D notices. Today, we've got an old-fashioned, point n' click exploration of Ponyville that has all the innocence of season 1.

Story-wise, Adventure in Ponyville seems to be pretty run of the mill. As a new arrival in town, you spend your time meeting ponies, playing minigames, and earning "friendship points." Hopefully, we'll see a plot in later installations.

Don't let the lack of story turn you off immediately, however. Adventure in Ponyville's graphics are close to show-accurate and entirely original: certainly a sight for sore eyes. In a couple of scenes (most noticeably Pinkie's minigame) they're not yet finished, but the majority of the game looks great. 

Finally, don't forget to click around a bit - innocuous books, mushrooms, and flights of stairs yield themselves readily to your wit. Enjoy!
- Arctic Lux

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