Flash Games: Pinkie's Balloon Patrol/Pony Puzzles/FLUTTERSHY NAVIGATE

Happy Sunday! May yours be lazy and sweet.

Development on major projects has been slow this week, but we've got loads of creative pony flash games to fill the void! Today, we've got puzzles, a pixelated Pinkie Pie balloon catcher, and a mind-bending little game based on Keep Calm and Flutter On. You know where to click!

Play Pinkie's Balloon Patrol

Pinkie's balloons have been swept away by a rogue gust of wind on the eve of a party, and via traditional Pinkie Pie logic, you must take to the skies to rescue them!

The first thing that jumps out about this game is the bouncy, charming 8-bit graphics, which compensate for some initially tedious gameplay. By controlling Pinkie, the player must collect various types of balloons, some of which change speeds and altitude unexpectedly. Avoid the strafing seagulls if there are balloons nearby: while not a huge threat, they'll stun you for long enough to miss a couple. 

At the end of the game, the amount of balloons you've recaptured determines your rank and one of the game's three endings. While far from frantic, Pinkie's Balloon Patrol is polished, pretty, and fun.

Play Pony Puzzles

Puzzles? Yep. Ponies? Yep. Select from a library of screenshots and fandom art, slice your choice into pieces of a certain size, and puzzle it out! As a jigsaw puzzle game, it's mechanics and presentation are solid, and it would blossom with an wider selection of pictures and perhaps a campaign mode with organized levels.

The high-score board adds challenge to an otherwise mellow game, keeping track of your best times on puzzles of various sizes. In 10x10 mode, even the simpler pictures will take you a while.


Discord's trapped Fluttershy inside the tilting maze of her own house, and it's up to you to find him and sort him out! I'm a little ashamed to admit how long this game took me on my first time through.

With a spiraling, abstract background and brain-bending music from the illustrious cyriak, FLUTTERSHY NAVIGATE creates a sense of discord simply and effectively. Once you've completed the maze once, creative use of the rotation feature offers you a multitude of ways to better your time. 

Pressing up rotates each room Fluttershy passes through 180 degrees, and though I'd prefer a more intuitive control choice (up arrow key to jump, space to rotate, rather than vice versa), FLUTTERSHY NAVIGATE remained fresh throughout. That's all for today - enjoy!
- Arctic Lux

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