The Sparklepeep Season 3 Minigame Compilation

Several months ago, Sparklepeep over on DeviantArt resolved to make a minigame for every episode of season 3. As the season flashed past, the games just kept coming, and finally, the set is (almost) complete! Find them all below the break!

Episodes 1 and 2:
Flight of the Crystal Princess
Or play on the Equestria Gaming Arcade

In Flight of the Crystal Princess, avoid spikes, collect crystal hearts, and generally try to stay airborne until Ride of the Valkyries wraps up. Surviving may be tricky, but overall this game's not the most engaging or inventive of the bunch.

Episode 3:
Pinkie Pie Population Perforation Project
Or play on the EQG Arcade

Man, I'd forgotten some of the crazy stuff that went down at the beginning of this season. Forget the hiatus, I have some re-watching to do!

This is actually one of my favorite minigames in the series: it's inventive, skill-based, and has a catchy soundtrack. Blast the duplicate Pinkies with the twibeam, but don't hit the real one!

Episode 4:
Ye Old Time Foal Slap Simulator
Or play on the EQG Arcade

By this time, any anger and frustration you might have towards Babs Seed has probably subsided. However, if her undefinable manehattan accent still makes you want to smack her silly, this is the game for you. Knock Babs up in the air, aiming for combos and height records - my personal best is 29.65 Scootameters.

Episode 5:
Thrack It Trixie
Or play on the EQG Arcade

This one earns a medal both for addictiveness and sheer random hilarity. Playing as the Great and Powerful Trixie, teleport around the Pies' rock farm, harvesting the valuable crop to save up for the Alicorn Amulet. Unfortunately, the farm is under attack from an army of untrustworthy wheels.

Episodes (6 and?) 7:
Pit Ponies

Breaking the trend of earlier minigames, Pit Ponies is a short text adventure starring you and one Rainbow Dash. Injured and stuck at the bottom of a pit, you must dream up a way to escape. Spoiler alert: hugging Dash results in your eventual death from blood loss.

Episode 8:
Applejack Episode
Or play on the EQG Arcade

Heh heh, Applejack episode. This game could have been made before the episode aired. Anyhow, Applejack's finally earned her 22 minutes of screen time and character development! Click the background ponies away before they steal the spotlight!

Episode 9:
Pinkie Pie Has a Mustache
Or play on the EQG Arcade

Just the right mustache is the quickest way to peg a character as a dastardly villain. Pinkie's conspired to blast Applejack out of a cannon into a hornet's nest, and it's up to Spike to stop her! At lower levels, this game boils down to a lot of tedious spacebar-holding, but after you've caught Applejack several times the difficulty improves.

Episode 10:
Catch Fluttershy's Beaver
Or play on the EQG Arcade

Seems Applejack's had just about enough of the beavers mucking around in her orchard. A simpler re-skin of the Friendship is Witchcraft-inspired game Raincloud Defense. Catch the beavers!

Episodes 11 and 12:
Games Ponies Don't Play
Play this game on EqG's Arcade or Xtux will steal your kidney while you're not looking.

Two (well, sort of three) games in one for one episode in two! Playing as Angel Bunny or Applejack, press keys in quick succession to escape from Spike and Sheriff Silverstar on top of a speeding train. If you manage to survive 60 seconds in either game, you unlock a secret third minigame. I won't spoil it here, but if you fail to unlock it, you're not missing much.

Raincloud Defense 2: Moonbounce

Our hero Raincloud returns again, in the sequel to his self-sacrificing game of cherry bomb defense. Keep the moon up in the air for as long as possible to save Equestria!
- Arctic Lux

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