Farewell to Filly Gamez

Filly Gamez

 Today some nasty hackers broke in and deleted 90% of their assets. Thankfully the team had external backups of their game data, so this shutdown will probably only be temporary. The team confirmed that this had nothing to do with my negative feedback on their first game or Blitz releasing his Flash port of Act 1 earlier today (even if it is somewhat of a strange coincidence), but I extend my sympathies towards the team and hope that they will be able to find some way of recovering their lost work (after all, you can recover data if it hasn't been written over after being deleted). I may not have been very fond of their first game, but I was quite positive that it would have been a major improvement over Act 1.

Goodbye for now, Filly Gamez. Hope you get up and going in a bit.
- Tuxxy

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