Megapony Beta

Megapony title screen

I've always wanted ponified remakes of classic videogames, and we don't get them very often (and no, Pony Fantasy 6 doesn't exactly count as it is a mod, not a complete remake). A couple months back a rather interesting game called Megapony was announced that promised to be a MLP Megaman game, and despite my personal opinion that it would never come to fruition a playable beta version has been released. Now I won't lie to you: I am terrible at Megapony but it is great fun and I look forward to the eventual release of the full game so I can review it, and trust me when I say that this game will be getting a very high score from me as it is already one of the best playable fangames out there right now (and way better then PurpleTinker's Quack Quest, which was apparently intended as a trollgame).

Interested in playing Megapony? You can download it over at Hope you like it!
- Tuxxy

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