MLP: Rise of Vicis Demo

Download it Here!
Demos, demos everywhere. Speaking of demos, here's the demo for MLP: Rise of Vicis by Negation Squared Productions, which was released some time ago to give us a sense of how the game will work. Rise of Vicis is an expansive adventure/platformer game currently in the works, and in this demo, you get a chance to play as each of the Mane 6, each with their own unique mechanics, on their way to a picnic thrown by Pinkie Pie.

This game, made in GameMaker 8, definitely has promise. The plan for Rise of Vicis is very expansive, spanning eight worlds as the Mane 6 seek to regain their cutie marks and defeat the titular villain, Vicis. All in all, it's a nice demo, but the real meat of the game is still to come. You can check out a bit more about the project in development on their Facebook page.

- Enigma Sage

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