Fighting is Magic Leaked, Mane6 Responds

In a quite shocking turn of events, a working build of Fighting is Magic was leaked to the internet by an undisclosed member of the game's Quality Assurance program. Needless to say, this brought Mane6 into lockdown mode, cancelling their QA program, suspending Bite Sized Updates, reverting to a completely closed development cycle for at least a few weeks, and scrambling to clean up the mess this has created.

You can read Mane6's open letter about the situation here. I personally would discourage you from downloading/distributing this, as it was in no way the team's intention, and the build was meant to be strictly internal for a reason. I strongly support waiting for the full release of this game, out of respect for all the work that's been put into it, but in the end, it is your choice.
- Enigma Sage

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