Pinkie Pie Platformer Beta

Pinkie Pie Platformer

My disdain for generic Pinkie Pie platformers is quite infamous. In my opinion there are simply too many of them around, and it's almost grown to be somewhat of a cliche. Yes, Pinkie Pie may be a natural choice for platformers given her fondness of bouncing, but it would be really nice to have a Fluttershy platformer every once in a while. However just because Pinkie Pie platformers in general are rather lousy doesn't mean they all have to be, and the brilliantly titled Pinkie Pie Platformer promises to be the best of the bunch. It has it all: fun gameplay, great graphics (parallax scrolling!), and music that won't make your ears bleed unless Ghostbusters somehow scarred you as a child. The game is about halfway done at the moment and features a playable beta version for you to enjoy until the final version comes out (which the creator estimates will be in about 4-5 days). Enjoy!

Also is it just me or are playable betas for My Little Pony fangames starting to become somewhat of a trend? It would be great if it is, as I like being able to play a game before the final release and helping report bugs. Do you folks like having playable beta versions?
- Tuxxy

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