Send us your ponified desktops!

Where else do we keep our precious pony games except on the desktop? If our games are ponified, then why not our desktops? Why not our computers or laptops? Why not our entire home? WHY NOT THE WHOLE WORLD?
We want the answer to that question! Send us your ponified desktops, laptops, setups, etc!
Show us how you live ponies! Are pixel ponies running amok on your desktop? Send it! Fifty pony widgets taking up half of your system resources? Send it! Have you made your own custom pony themes? Send them! Is your laptop covered to the brim with pony stickers? Send it!
We will compile all the awesome ponified setups and desktops we see next week! If you don't have a desktop full of ponies, you still have plenty of time to make it to your liking! There are plenty of online communities where you can find great skins (but please don't run any executable file willy-nilly) or get help to make your own.

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