Adventure Ponies Ported To Atari 8-Bit Computers!

Somehow, this seems to have slipped under pretty much everyone's collective radars and that honestly completely baffles me. We're absolutely fixing that right this instant, though.
To say this is a bit of a surprise is absolutely an understatement! We've got ourselves a genuine port of the official, old-timey Hubworld pony game Adventure Ponies to Atari 8-bit computer line coming to us courtesy of the developer Gibstov. It's super satisfying to see these 8-bit styled games actually working on the appropriate hardware!
All the relevant information, including screenshots and a video of the port in action, can be found at the game's thread at AtariAge. We've also provided these below the break as per usual if you're not interested in poking through the thread! You can also play both the original game and Adventure Ponies 2 on the arcade if you're looking to play the original games, just a heads up!

Cynifree - Blank Slate

While it seems like pony game-related tracks are relatively few and far between nowadays, on the occasion they do show up it's always a good time! While the connection isn't overt, in the description of the video Cynifree describes the atmosphere of the track having been based around the classic pony horror game Story of the Blanks. While I'm no music writer by literally any stretch of the imagination, I can definitely say the inspiration definitely shines through and it's just generally a super dope track. Give it a listen via the embed above, and while we're at it, check out the album it was made for and give the rest of those musicians some love!

Fallout Equestria: Remains Trailer Released

Following the release of version 1.0 of empalu and friends' wonderful Fallout Equestria: Remains just a short while ago, it looks like we've gotten a trailer to tie everything together! Check it out above, and be sure to visit their newly minted English website for additional news, changelogs, downloads, screenshots and everything else you'd expect to find!