Mysteries in the factory - Let's Play - Fallout Equestria 0.7 - Part 2

This is the second installment of my Let's Play series about Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7. The first post can be read here.

More grinding

I looked around and hoofed in some of my tasks, such as some pre-war books to Dusty Nebula, and bought some new cool armors.
Such cool armor!
Big Mac reincarnated??
The chef had brought some new recipe!
My vegan soul is pleased.
But no need to buy when you can loot it!

Some preparation later, I returned to the factory.

Score! Office of the CEO of the factory!
I grovel at thy hoof, Princess Luna.
Check point with a bomb??
Finally, I'm level 7! Time to try going into the Department of Special Research again... As before, there was an executioner and a master raider waiting, but I came prepared!
Funny thing, there's a force field that could be switched on and off... and it looked as if the executioner was going to heaven.
*angelic singing*
I went into the door that was covered with big red warning lights, and found myself staring face to face with a giant pyromaniac raider boss.
After some confused and bloody fighting, I killed him, and took his "Scorcher" weapon.

Into the heart of the factory

Equine skeletons, uh oh...
In the land of paradoxes, it's noted that it's forbidden to take notes.
Three notes in, already a shipping. Heh.
Fun fact: Cosmia is lesbian.

Oh, the ship has sailed.
 We are getting some plot elements there.
By the way, look at all the pictures on the wall. Those are some fine details there! They seem to be electronic wiring and voltage plots.
The factory is full of strange and ominous things.
All signs point to "evil biological experiments".
I opened another terminal and read about some messages from 205 years ago. It seems the stable was developing a power armor for Ministry of Wartime Technology (M.W.T.) and Ministry of Arcane Sciences (M.A.S.).

Okay, this is suspicious. A big MAS terminal just in front of a big empty space.
Probably an ambush... Well, I'm almost out of hp, so let's go home first.

Here's a hint: you can power up your Distortion Field in the training grounds behind Brass Buckshot, at no cost to your magic. If you are going to face a tough fight immediately after leaving, go here to power up your Distortion Field for free!
You can also do some sort of savecheating. If you got killed in a bad spot you can quit and reenter. Usually you will continue at the base with all health restored. But injuries done to the body will stay.
Another hint: rollers are EVIL. Use Distortion Field or SATS to slow them down then hit them with a grenade, EMS or smash with a giant blunt weapon. They are resistant to all other attacks.
Or go the really medieval way. That works too.
Killer poke just got a lot more literal.
Oh... my... Godesses... This is it. The heart of the Department of Special Research. Time to fulfill my destiny.
And a giant info dump started. Basically, it said that I came from Stable Pi, and the secret files I sent to the Mentor were technical documents about a secret weapon project "Sun" from before the Last Day. Stable Pi wants to continue this project and complete this weapon. My next assignment was to enter the core of Stable 88, located at Fall Springs, and recover the Quantum Cogitator.
Yes, I have several questi--
*connection terminated*

Deciding to get some answers at least, I searched the logfiles in the terminal, and found some interesting tidbits:
My dear Velvet Remedy... where are you? Was it you that accessed this Maneframe 3 months ago?
With these questions in mind, I returned to the camp, preparing for my travel to Fall Springs.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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