Battle through Fall Springs - Let's Play - Fallout Equestria 0.7 - Part 3

This is the third installment of my Let's Play series about Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7. The second post can be read here.

Fall Springs

I went back to the base and asked about Velvet Remedy at the bar.

Then I went to the clinic to see what the Doctor knew about Velvet Remedy.
And promptly got into a sexual misinterpretation.
 No Doc not!

Well I guess that's it. She's dead... No! I must save her!
This is the entrance to Fall Springs. Going down leads to the Sewers, and going to the right leads to the Raiders' camp gate. The gate was extremely well-defended, with mines on the ground and some anti-materiel rifles on the gate. No way I could blast through! 

Not to say I didn't try, though... and I promptly got so blasted into subatomic particles that I don't even have a screenshot for it.

Going down...
They weren't kidding when they said "Recommended level 10". I almost died (again) and really needed more grinding.

More crazy grinding!

Isn't it paradoxical that the most fun part of the game is grinding, but that's also the part where I can't write a lot about, because it's repetitive? Have some super highlights.

Play this song for best emotional IMPACT.
This kills the roller.

After grinding a bit, I returned to the Doctor, who had an idea about making me into a ├╝bermare.
Uh oh.
Cyborg pony with the thickest wallet, that's me!
You are not going to take my money and run, are you?
So I checked out his cyborg services...

Time to get back to my creative destruction of ghouls! Some highlights:
Accuracy: Celestia-tier.

Have you ever fought so hard that when you came to your senses you are absolutely nAKeD?!

Once, I shot an EMP shell at a robot right in front of me. The results were... unexpected, but expected in hindsight.
I'd like to take a minute to thank the makers of Pipbuck for making it absolutely indestructable, even when an EMP explodes right in its face.

Sewage, take two

I went to the sewage again after reaching level 10, and it was finally a reasonable fight. More grinding ensued. The sewage, unlike the factory, has exit to the right, not downstairs like in the factory.

Just a note: wear that yellow anti-radiation suit here would help. The water is pretty toxic.
Leaning tower of physics!

Then I came across a strange place.

Time to read a ton! Thank Celestia that Velvet Remedy has good journalling skills.
Note that in Equestria, naive dualism is right. There is a soul and a body. Though presumably the soul would still be a physical thing, otherwise the standard problems of dualism (how does a non-physical soul interact with a physical body?) would come.

Also, Velvet used an argument from nature: "only a monster could commit such a mocker over nature". This is actually somewhat justifiable in Equestria, considering that in Equestria, nature is quite benevolent, and at least partially governed by personal gods, Celestia and Luna. As such, it's possible that what's natural is really more likely to be good.


Velvet Remedy, I'm coming!
Also, there's a secret stash on the top.

Okay... Well, suffice to say that the sewage is way harder than it looks. The terrain is very uneven, slowing me down by about 30% compared to when in the factory, even when no creature is around.

The soldier ghouls hit really hard and fast, especially when underwater which slows me down. The only way I could kill them was to use Distortion Field and hit them with the shotgun "Erebus" repeatedly.

Rescuing captives

I finally got through the sewers and popped up on the other side of the tunnel, right inside Fall Springs! Firth thing I did was to destroy the guards by hitting them from behind. 

Here's a picture of this place after I destroyed it. You can still see the landmines. The guard posts on the right are empty now, but they used to be occupied with the strongest Raiders with the biggest guns, and also armored turrets.

Into the Raider's base, I encountered a slave...
Those fucking bastards!

Fueled by righteous fury, I stormed in and destroyed the Raiders. Then I came face to face with the Raider Boss.
Note: not actually the Raider Boss.

The battle was fun. I hit him on one corner, luring him to that corner, then ran to the other corner and repeat. Eventually I got impatient and brought out my giant grenade thrower and...
Amazingly, the slavers were perfectly healthy after that wall-destroying boom.

Also, to nopony's surprise, the Raiders suck at computers.
Turns out that was not the boss. The true boss was Butch.
Wrong. If I see him, he's dead!
Turns out, for Raiders, only size matters.
My name's Cosmia Nebula (not a Littlepip clone), and it's you who'd be finished!

The background music during the fight was Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy. I roared like a kitty. A murderous kitty armed with five thousand bullets.
They never found his body.

Into the Stable 88

I found a note on the Raider Boss.
Rude dude.
Turns out that they had been trying to get into Stable 88, but couldn't get in, because Velvet Remedy would not speak (she had an amnesia spell on her, so she would not spill the secret).

Behind the Raider Boss was a smaller settlement built right above Stable 88 entrance. I destroyed the settlement before facing the concentric doorway.
But before entering, I took some time grinding in the Factory, since it said that the recommended level is 12.

... and I found the mysterious phoenix again, and fed her... Then the magic of friendship happened.
I'm not alone anymore! [crazy fighting ensues]

This is my favorite. Absolute chaos.
Best find of the day: Applejack Figurine! I got it in a Factory mission.. which requires Repairing level 4.
Applejack is my guardian now.
I also bought a new suit of armor.
That was fun, but let's get back to the stable 88. 
It was certainly harder than sewers. So many robots and strong Raiders. But otherwise, it's pretty much the same grind: crush, kill, destroy, swag.

Highlights of the day:
Deadly cake.
Three little pyromaniacs.
Something is definitely going wrong here...
reality.exe has stopped working
Coming down from the Stampede high.
Eventually, I got to the entrance to the second level of the Stable.
We need to go deeper.
But that will wait for the next time!

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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