Picking up where we left off - Let's Play - Fallout Equestria 0.7 - Part 4

This is the fourth installment of my Let's Play series about Fallout Equestria: Remains v0.7. The previous post can be read here.

Regaining controls

While I was battling in the second level, I suddenly got shot by something completely invisible... Zebras! Holdouts for 200 years. That's brutal.
One thing worth pointing out is the zebras are hiding in the factory, and they are invisible and VERY deadly. I was scared into screaming when I first encountered them emerging from the shadows. My suggestion is to fire a shot into every room before entering. It certainly fueled my paranoia.

I also found some nice foods!
An accurate description of my cooking style.

Into the core

After some grindy fighting, I got to the exit of level 2 of factory. There was the core of the stables.
Going in, I bumped into... the leader of the gang, having a business meeting with an underling.
Somepony has some serious anger issues, geez.
Some shooting later, I found a journal on the red pony.
Velvet is alive, and escaped the slavers! Praise the almighty Celestia, she's alive!
Into the core...
*ominous robotic noises*
There's a terminal in this room, with some voice recording from... Scootaloo?
Turns out it was the room of Stable 88's Overmare.
♫And the science gets done♫
♫And you make a neat gun♫
♫For the ponies that are STILL ALIVE♫

Hmm, what's that door saying "Boss Room"?
*gratuitous shooting*
One metal storm later, the Ultra-Sentinel was dead. The doorway to the core was wide open.

The Quantum Cogitator

Inside the core, I found a terminal with some desperate journal, written by a survivor in the days after the Last Day.
The Quantum Cogitator! One more step closer to the mission's end.
Just behind the gigantic radioactive cell, I found a stable ManeFrame.
And connected my PipBuck to it.
Salt level: 100 mol/L

This is where things stand now. The three magical technological artifacts:

  1. The Quantum Cogitator 
  2. The Alicorn Amulet
  3. The Black Book

After I recover all of them, my stable will construct the secret weapon project "Sun" and restore harmony to Equestria.
On the way back to the base, I found a reference to a "robo-owl", a robot companion that can shoot lasers out of its own eye and battle like no other companion.

The meeting

As instructed by the mentor, I arrived at the Hankey Garage.

"minimum level 15" 
Hmmmm... I wonder why?
... and bumped straight into some ironclad ponies from the Steel Rangers.

"perverted morals"

Then Rose and Diamond immediately shot me to bits. Goddesses damn them!
I returned to the camp and reequipped myself before charging in and killing them. The spritebot that was supposed to get the Cogitator from me was dead though, forcing me to try to collect the ancient artifacts on my own.

Next stop: Manehattan

I returned to base to find out which way to go next.
Well, I sure feel like a hero now for killing all the slavers.
Then I asked for the way to Manehattan, and they immediately said.
I thanked them for their warning, but I simply must go.
But I must.
I'm afraid, but I must go. Into the Manehattan Ruins, I marched on, praying to Celestia, if she's still alive... help me.

KopaLeo, aka Cosmia Nebula

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