Arcade Updates!

First things first, hello there, folks! It's certainly been quite a while, hasn't it? Hopefully there won't be another "quite a while" for... well, quite a while yet! But that's a spiel for a different post, I figure, let's get on to the actual news, haha.
I noticed sometime last week that a fair number of the games (10, to be precise) had actually stopped working for various reasons since the last time I gave everything a once-over, which was sometime last year. Thankfully, all but one game, Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun from the now-defunct Penta Studios (please drop us a line if you have a copy!), was replaceable thanks to archived downloads of the games floating around the internet. In addition to replacing the broken ones, I've also had the pleasure of adding a whopping 18 new games on top of that, which brings our current game count to 129! Which is just absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way.
That all said, what are you waiting for? Go play!
tl;dr: We've fixed all of the broken games in the arcade and added some new ones!

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