Ambient Project: Ambient White

Video games affect our brains and bodies by creating a strong connection which helps in tackling certain social issues. The question of if there could ever be a video game that represents the true realities of life would only remain a mirage if no one makes the bold step to make it happen. With the help of A Little Bit Different Team, however, this is no more an issue of concern.
The big news then is the announcement of the massive, impressive and immersive Ambient Project, an action adventure game and a new frontier series. The project was initiated with Ambient Prologue, metamorphosing into Ambient White, which is still undergoing development.The greatest appeal to this game are the various realities it represents: war between good and evil, emotional and moral trials, among other experiences. 
If you have ever fantasized about widening your horizon and articulating your thoughts through Video Games, then Ambient White is the best deal to help you live out those dreams. If you enjoy what you see and would like to try out the latest built you can become a patron to A Little Bit Different Team to be a part of the success story and have unequaled access to 25 patron-only posts!


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