Fall of Anterfold: Outland

In its unending mission to sate the cravings of hardcore gamers, the team has taken a new direction to challenge a genre that is near to the core of many legendary gamers out there. While the door has been opened for the announcement of a stack of games, one of the biggest buzzes is just about to take its full course.
Gamers and Gaming Fans, we introduce to you Fall of Anterfold:Outland, a single player neo-horrendous video game,  featuring a virtual reality joint rescue team on a mission to save the Mayor of the city of Anterfold, who was taken hostage by a dangerous sociopath.
This isn't like some blink-and-you-miss-it montages out there, but a game taken to new heights to help build up a rich gameplay around its players. Enjoy the new genre experience!


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