Welcome to Ponyville

Welcome to Ponyville

Another MLP visual novel-style game has been announced, and so far it's looking impressive. Welcome to Ponyville (created by a new group titled Filly Games) is built entirely from scratch and stars the player as a new pony who has just recently moved to Ponyville. Despite its similarities to a visual novel Welcome to Ponyville is a highly interactive game and features a highly customizable experience, along with over 40 characters to interact with.

Yes, the game sounds great (as with most MLP fangames), but it has one difference that really sets it apart from its comrades. What is it? Find out after the break!

Welcome to Ponyville's visual and auditory content is all made by the community, and you can help! Since the creators admit that they're solely programmers and not artists/voice actors, they would like art submissions for the game, along with voice actors, and everyone whose content makes it into the final game will get their name credited. Isn't that great? You can submit your work at FillyGamez@gmail.com, and title it as either ARTWORK or VOICE AUDITION, depending on what you are submitting. So if you're artistically talented or sound an awful lot like one of the ponies, why not offer your services?

For more detailed information on exactly what they want, please see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oRkKWXg2Yvs0q0_yGA886_tlI4r4Gyi0TOOAcoP_b-0/edit?pli=1.
- Tuxxy

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