HorseGame demo trailer and new website

After around a year and a half of development, the team at Equidev (formerly SprakleDev) finally has a new update concerning a new public demo of their project, HorseGame. For those unaware, HorseGame is a 3D platformer inspired by games like Ratchet and Clank, wherein you play as an unnamed unicorn and fight off enemies with various attacks and spells.

 While the demo itself isn't quite out yet, the dev team did send us this trailer to post, as well as an announcement to share, which I've placed just past the page break. Read on for more about the project and the demo!

 Over at Equidev we’ve been working away quietly for the past couple months on HorseGame, a 3D action-adventure platformer taking its roots from games like Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Okami. Bringing various elements from the show and from games like these together, we aim to create a game with its own feel in the genre. HorseGame‘s core gameplay has now gotten to a state we’re content with, so we are excited to announce that we will soon be releasing a demo featuring much of the progress we’ve made.

 In the demo you will be free to explore a large, open map filled with different types of enemies to fight, spells and items to collect, and even a few easter eggs to find. The map has been made exclusively for this demo to feature our game without spoiling the story. Watch the trailer for it if you haven’t already.

 You can find out more about Horse Game and read all future announcements on our fancy new site at And don’t forget to follow us on twitter @SprakleDev, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on tumblr to catch all of our future updates!

 You might also notice the new banner along the top of our site. As part of the promotion for their new demo, Equidev has asked us to run a custom banner themed after HorseGame itself. The banner will be running through next weekend, after which we'll either go back to the old one or switch to a new site banner like I've been meaning to for months. Fun!
- RedEnchilada

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