Point-and-Click Pony Engine in Progress

Anyone with fond memories of 90's LucasArts adventure games, listen up: Adam "takua108" Rezich is developing a brand new point-and-click engine called PonyQuest.  PonyQuest is designed to allow users to make their own DOS-esque pony adventures that can easily be shared with others.  He's even making the scripting language, which he's dubbed PonyScript, simple to use so even people with no understanding of programming jargon can easily craft their own dialogue and cutscenes.   
 In just 2 weeks, he's made enough progress to release the preview above...

Of course, one pony plus hundreds of  hours of development just doesn't add up.  Right now, Rezich is looking for somepony skilled in pixel art(who's okay with their work being open sourced and accessible for anyone to make sprites and backgrounds with) so the bland shapes in the video can be replaced with some actual ponies.  If you think you can help, email him at adam@rezich.com.  To check out more, visit project site http://ponyquest.net or dev blog http://ponyquestgame.tumblr.com
- Sapphire Feather

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