Dash Off - v1.05 update

Dash Off is a platformer created by distoorted where you play as Rainbow Dash. The music featured in this game is the Entire 8-Bit Collection by RainbowCrash88.

This goal of the game is simple, collect as many apples as you can before the time runs out. To collect the apples, you can run by holding either the left or right arrow key, and fly with either the spacebar or the up arrow. You have a Power Bar that regenerates itself over time, and if the power bar reached zero, you are unable to fly. Along the way, you do run into a few obstacles, but also a pretty nifty power up.

There are the bad cupcakes, Derpy Hooves (The one who enjoys dropping bad cupcakes on your head), and the infamous water holes. The bad cupcakes prevent you from regaining power to fly for a short time, and the water holes are just annoying holes with water in them, forcing you to fly to get over, or out of them. The power up on the other hand, would literally bring your power up to over 9000. This would allow you to fly for as long as you want with no consequences or worries about bad muffins.

Rainbow Dash Flying like a pro

The concept of the game is good, and since the newer control updates, the controls have been running very smooth! It still has a few problems, such as being able to noclip through the tips of walls by flying, but overall, the bugfixes have fixed most of the noticeable and troublesome problems.

Overall, the game was pretty good, the control fix was a huge improvement, and the other bug fixes took care of all the other major complaints.

- Strawberry Spice

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