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One of the most famous MLP fangames known for it's incredibly addictive nature, just got a whole lot better. Waiting is Magic, the jewel of Penta Studios (and not to mention the most popular game on the Equestria Gaming Arcade), just released it's 1.4 update.

A lot has changed with this update, which is the last update planned. This now complete game offers many notable improvements, including an entirely new game mode. If you're unfamiliar with Waiting is Magic, you can check out the original review here. In this post, I'll just be talking about the new stuff, and you can find that after the break...

First off are some small improvements. Music has been added, courtesy of LaymanLove. The available designs to choose from when customizing your ball have been increased from 4 to 10. The colors, as they were before, are still completely customizable. The overall graphical interface has been changed, now having a more streamlined look.

The really big addition for WiM 1.4 is Hardcore Mode. This mode, unlockable by reaching 10,000 points in Classic Mode, is only for the true champions of ball bouncing. Present here is the ability to bounce up to 4 balls at once (incredibly difficult), exact timing, and penalty points for badly timed bounces.

The choice is yours.
The addition of Hardcore Mode allows for what I like to call Super-Ultra-Mega-Incredi-Hardcore Mode. This is a game for the bravest of the brave. What you must do is play Hardcore mode with an all black ball, making it effectively invisible for the majority of it's flightpath once Encapsulation has been achieved. This is how the true masters will be found.

All in all, this game is even better than it's already incredible predecessor. It now feels like a complete game, with all the bells and whistles. Deep down, this game is what it is - spellbindingly addictive. This game will, in all likelihood, be responsible for a 30% net loss of productivity around the world. It's that good. Now that it's complete, I can give this game the grade I believe it deserves.

- Enigma Sage

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