Legends of Equestria at Pon-E3

Join us at http://www.livestream.com/legendsofequestria
We’re going to split in the following hours like so:

  • We’re going to do some modeling, CA and texturing of Canterlot.
Just as we did with the 24 hour event, we shall try to make a couple of buildings!

  • A Q&A session, it can be how long you guys wish. It all depends on the questions coming in to us, so ask away!
You may ask us on www.facebook.com/legendsofequestria or tweet us on @legendofeq, or use the chat during the livestream.

  • Previewing some NPCs that has been recorded.
Hirosashii will preview some NPC voice recordings from his team!

  • Coding with AnyaSmash.
Justin will teach AnyaSmash how to code C#! How will it go? She has zero knowledge about C#!

  • Super sneak-peek of a calendar we’re going to sell for charity at Galacon.
DandyLion is working on a calendar with the LoE team featured in it!

All information about Legends of Equestra can be found at the following address:

For other questions please email Swebow:
- Enigma Sage

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