Review: Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun

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PentaStudios (the guys behind hits such as Waiting is Magic) have done it yet again, releasing Rainbow Dash's Cloud Dodging Fun, a rather extreme version of the standard cloud-dodger format. It's all around a great game - very polished, and surprisingly fun and intense for such a simple format. You can find the full review after the page break...

The object of the game is simple - rack up the highest score possible by staying alive for as long as you can. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move Rainbow Dash around, dodging thousands upon thousands of clouds at high speed, and picking up powerups to boost your score, health, speed, energy, or cloud smashing ability. You can also use up the energy you've accrued to give you a boost, slow down time, or clear all the clouds from the screen.

Those clouds won't even know what hit 'em!
This game is high-octane and quite fun. The graphics, as well, are very neat and work perfectly with the gameplay. RDCDF makes use of a Rainbow Dash animation puppet from Double Rainboom, and features a soundtrack by TBC-x1x2x3, which come together to form an aesthetic and exciting final product.

Also worth mentioning is the new scoring system, which lets you know on the top of the screen as you play who is directly in front of and behind you on the leaderboard, as well as their scores, so you can keep track of your gaming supremacy. All in all, this is a simple, very fun, well made game, and for that, it gets the following grade.

- Enigma Sage

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