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Why the random header image? Because back in Star Swirl the Bearded's day, they didn't have any of those fancy graphics we're all so keen on critiquing. Also, because apparently relevant header images are everything here at the stringent and strictly professional EQG headquarters. Honestly, I don't see how this image could ever fail the relevancy test.

Today, I've taken a look into the dark and mysterious world of pony text adventures. Prepare for links and mini-reviews after the break! 

Overview: In the distant future, the Cutie Mark Crusaders have accidentally released Discord - and with control over time, he's determined to rewrite the events of the past. Playing as Star Swirl the Bearded, escape his traps and save Equestria, past and future!

Writing: The writing here was a plus, especially when Discord got snappish. Handy on-screen instructions and a dropdown menu made it easy to figure out how to proceed...

Difficulty: ...that is, almost too easy. The puzzles weren't much of a challenge, and the adventure didn't last very long.  Still, with time travel and a riddling Discord, there's enough here to make a great extension.

Grade: 7.5/10

Welcome to Ponyville (Online or Download) (No, not that Welcome to Ponyville)

Overview: After surviving a mysterious tragedy in your home town, you pack your bags and head off to Ponyville for a fresh start. Rather than overcoming puzzles and avoiding death, you advance the story in the style of a visual novel. With RPG-style stats, an open sandbox world and a bare-bones relationship system, there's much more content to love here.

Writing: So-so. The grammatical errors are at their worst during the opening text wall, and as the story progresses the writing gets marginally better. It remains far from perfect, however - so if that sort of thing bugs you, cross Welcome to Ponyville off your list.

Difficulty: Non-existent. The game uses textadventures.co.uk's built in mechanics, which are pretty solid, but I hit a snag when the game timed out and ended prematurely. You may want to create an account or use the client to download and play the game online.

Grade: 7/10

Overview: See that tag which says horror/gore? Well, don't ignore it. The game is pretty dark. Discord's trapped you in a Saw-like nightmare, and you must use your wits to survive. Unfortunately, the demo's very short.

Writing: I enjoyed the writing here - but it's hard to get a sense of it over such a short period of time. At the least, the script is precise and grammatically correct.

Difficulty: Easy. Overall, the challenges were intuitive (though this might depend on your mental state.)

Grade: 5/10, on account of length.

Honorable mention: Brony Hero of Equestria (fimfiction link)

A choose your own adventure, rather than a text adventure - not quite a game, but theme-fitting nonetheless. Gallivant around the country, wreaking havoc and seducing everything. There's a lot of random, off-color humor to love here, if that's your style.

Well, that's it for today! I was caught by surprise - I'm quite taken with this sort of game. If you'd like to see another text adventure featured, by all means, send it in!
- Arctic Lux

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