Fighting is Magic: Fluttershy Showcase

Fluttershy Showcase

 It's been quite a while since Mane 6 has released any gameplay videos of Fighting is Magic, although this is probably the fault of the anonymous tester who leaked a pre-release version of the game and caused the devteam to cease their fascinating weekly updates. That was entirely unnecessary on their part, but today they have somewhat made up for it by releasing a showcase video of Fluttershy (who appears to have been nerfed significantly since her infamous original incarnation) and her pet bunny, Angel.

 The trailer itself doesn't reveal a huge amount of information about the game that we didn't know already, although I was impressed with the quality of the character animations and whatnot. We are still entirely in the dark about any future release dates (the "coming soon" bit at the end doesn't help), but at least we know that Mane 6 is taking their time to make the best game that they can and are not rushing it. 

Oh, and in case you're interested the original post on this showcase has some behind-the-scenes information, but not much else.
- Tuxxy

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