A Chaotic Crisis

 By the looks of it some guy named WaltzBrony (a rather obscure creator of My Little Pony comics) is in the process of creating another MLP RPG, and unlike the vast majority of his comrades has decided to use custom pony sprites. Is this a good thing? It would be if the man wasn't so fond of gradients. Admittedly he is better at using them than I was when I first discovered it, but I am still of the opinion that the game would look much better if he shaded it by hand.

 Not much else can be said about his game, as it seems to be in a fairly early state of development. Either that, or this migrane is making it rather hard for me to think clearly, I'm not sure which. The guy has some more gameplay videos on his Youtube channel in case you're interested, but they don't really show off much that wasn't already in this video.
- Tuxxy

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