Project Updates MegaComp #1

Merry January, fillies and gentlecolts!  I feel like I owe you guys something after last week's vacation, so I've made my apology with a deluge of pony gaming updates. Updates to Super Smash Ponies, My Little Pony: Fighting the Unknown (formerly MLP:RPG), Ponymon, the Pegasus Flight Simulator, and more after the break!

Super Smash Ponies

Gameplay trailers keep popping up for Super Smash Ponies, and this is the most impressive yet! A lot of progress has clearly been made on Twilight's move set, although it's still in development.

My Little Pony: Fighting the Unknown

The game formerly known as MLP:RPG continues to update, now featuring multiplayer events, gift keys, and  with an upcoming "significant storyline change." They're also looking for a voice actor and an artist: not a bad chance to get in on a promising project!

MLP: Fighting the Unknown About Page

Pegasus Flight Simulator

The recently released Pegasus Flight Sim version 2.0 now contains both Fluttershy and Derpy as playable characters! Prepare for some detailed 3D graphics, but be warned: learn the controls from the ReadMe file and adjust your volume before starting the game.

Pegasus Flight Simulator v.2 Download


Stroll, the open-world, sandbox, pony-finding exploration game is already complete. However, due to popular demand, the original project is now open source! Feel like expanding the game? Get to it!

Stroll Project File Download

Rainbow Dash Mod

Turbobear has released a new trailer for the latest version of the Rainbow Dash Brawl Mod, now featuring an expanded move set and a Lightning Dust skin! Stay tuned until the end to see Rainbow Dash take on a disturbingly humanoid Pikachu.

Ponymon Dawn/Dusk

Development on the Ponymon Dawn Dusk project is back on, with a new release (v.0.32) for the new year! Hit up the wiki to check it out and download!

Ponymon Dawn/Dusk Wiki

That's all for this week! The countdown timer until greatest pony episode of all time currently reads 11 days, 20 hours, and 30 minutes. Happy belated new years!
- Arctic Lux

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