Lyra's List #9

As we head towards 2013, it's time once again for Lyra's List, a monthly list of game design documents and resumes for those wishing to get involved with fangame development! The deadline for the next Lyra's List is January 31, 2013. There aren't too many submissions this time around, but you can find them after the break...


Pony Tactics: Salvation
Tactical RPG
Long Term

Darkness on Equestria
Adventure MMO
Long Term

Kajdan Lancuch
MLP: Trough the History
Long Term

Game Artists

Programmer/Game Designer

That wraps up this Lyra's List, the last of the year. That reminds me - Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your guys' 2013 is filled with happiness and ponies.

- Enigma Sage

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