My Little Pony RPG: The Elements of Harmony

MLP RPG: The Elements of Harmony
Update 2: the link now points to a game version with some initial feedback implemented.

Man, you guys just keep cranking out these RPGs of epic dimensions! With 20-25 hours of advertised gameplay, Nurse Dashie has put together a game I'm not even ashamed to say I haven't finished yet. All you fans of pony games which you can really sink some time into: listen up! This might be just your cup of tea. More after the break!

A quick heads up after you download the game: read the ReadMe first! It contains important information on control, and how to get the game running - which I missed the first time through. Whoops.

Fluttershy used Snak!

The game doesn't get going immediately: in the tradition of classic RPGs such as Pokemon and Golden Sun, there's several mundane quests before you reach your first fight. However, once you get into the story, there's a lot here: you're gradually sucked in as you explore a massive world to recover the Elements of Harmony.

The game does suffer from 'RPG Maker graphics syndrome' - which is to say if you've seen the environment graphics from one game, you've seen them all. They're not lacking, but they get repetitive if you've seen them before. Then again, that's not the focus of the game.

The game allows you to play as all of the Mane 6, which is a treat. Additionally, some of the spell names and attack patterns are borrowed from Final Fantasy I, which is pretty cool. Fans of the game should check out the steam group (accessible via the link above).
- Arctic Lux

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