Pony Tactics: Salvation

Pony Tactics: Salvation
 For some reason it seems that nearly all of the of non-Flash My Little Pony fangames are RPGs, and most of which are announced are never heard from again and forgotten. This is probably due to the fact that making a decent RPG takes a lot of time and effort, which often proves to be too much for many developers to handle. A small team calling themselves "Slammin' is Jammin'" have recently announced their upcoming RPG and released a promotional video that shows off some interesting concept art and...less than impressive gameplay (although to be fair the game is still in the pre-alpha stages, so that is to be expected). 

Will Pony Tactics: Salvation ever be released? I have no idea, but you can find their promo video and some more information on the game after the break.

 From the information that has been given out so far Pony Tactics: Salvation will be a roleplaying game with a very heavy focus on tactics (obviously), taking place soon after Discord came to power. The player controls a herd of common villagers who decided to flee from the Lord of Chaos and find a better place to live, while beating the crap outta various giant monsters along the way. Celestia and Luna's origin story also plays a major part in the story, as does the discovery of the elements of harmony.

 According to Slammin' "Unlike most tactics RPGs Salvation does not have a classic jobs system. Instead each unit falls uniquely into a role, with skills and abilities maintained by the story instead of jobs/levels. Smart uses of a team's abilities and items is rewarded, as health/mana is not fully replenished after each battle." I may be no veteran when it comes to tactical RPGs but that does sound kind of interesting to me, although how the final product shall turn out is yet to be seen.

 The game is being made in Unity3D, and due to the fact that they're not listing Linux as a platform I'm going to assume that they are not using Unity 4. The sprites used in the trailer appear to be only temporary placeholders (thank God), and due to some of listed positions on the "join our crew" page it appears that the ponies themselves will be drawn as 2D sprites in contrast to the 3D world. This is quite unlike most other pony RPGs which either rely exclusively on sprites such as The Lost Kingdom or use only 3D models like Questria; the former of which is far more common.

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- Tuxxy

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